HbbTV Tools

To effectively produce HbbTV applications, we had to build a set of our own tools. We use HbbTV tools in our HbbTV lab at every stage of the development of interactive TV applications.

Devices that support the HbbTV standard, especially STBs, have very limited hardware resources. Additionally, in the case of these devices, the implementation of the HbbTV standard is often partial. This makes it necessary to test the application on physical devices at every stage of application development.

We have tools that allow you to test any HbbTV application. Another tool is a dedicated player for video files and live broadcasts in the HbbTV environment. We also have a tool for previewing graphic designs and mockups of HbbTV applications directly on TVs.

The tools we have built, dedicated to the development of HbbTV applications, give us a great advantage over the competition. The development of these tools was possible because the people who founded our company had worked for key television broadcasters for many years. We understand very well the expectations of television broadcasters regarding the development of interactive services based on the HbbTV standard.